Invitation for Tender   23-Dec-2018
Invitation for Tender   14-Nov-2018
Tender for Supply and installation of 10KVA Online UPS for Head Office of IFIL   05-Apr-2018
Tender for printing & Supplying IFIL Annual Report for the year 2017   03-Jan-2018
Tender for design, printing & Supplying Wall & Desk Calendar of IFIL for the year 2018   11-Oct-2017
Invitation for Re-Tender Supply and installation of Core Networking Devices.   05-Jul-2015
Invitation for Tender server and other IT accessories   15-Jun-2015
Schedule of the Property   09-Apr-2015
Tender for designing, printing & Supplying IFIL Annual Report for the year 2014   15-Feb-2015
Schedule of the Property   03-Nov-2014
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