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Janab S.M. Bakhtiar Alam elected as Chairman of IFIL
Janab S.M. Bakhtiar Alam has been elected as the Chairman of Board of Directors of Islamic Finance and Investment Limited (IFIL). The decision was made in the 285th meeting of IFIL held on June 28, 2021. He is a member of Audit Committee of IFIL. Janab S.M. Bakhtiar Alam was born in a respectable Muslim family in 1957 at Bikrampur under Munshigonj district. He started business by establishing Prophecy Furnishers-one of the renowned furniture house after obtaining B.Sc (Hon’s) and M.Sc from the University of Dhaka. He is also the founder of 100% export oriented furniture company, Prophecy Furnishers Limited. Janab S.M. Bakhtiar Alam is a Registered Graduate of Dhaka University and a permanent member of Dhaka Club. Apart from that, he is also associated with Eastern University and many other educational and social organizations. He is a Chartered Member of Muktijudhho Jadughar.
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