Company Philosophy
The philosophy of IFIL is to develop the company into an ideal and unique financial institution.The sponsors’ perception is that IFIL should be quite different from other privately managed financial institution in Bangladesh.IFIL is the “FIRST” Financial Institution of the country based on Islamic Shariah.The philosophy of IFIL is to grow as a leader in the industry rather than a follower. The leadership will be in the area of services, constant effort being made to add new dimensions so that clients can get “ Something Extra” in the matter of services to commensurate with the needs and requirements of the country’s growing society and developing economy.
To be a leader in Financial arena of Bangladesh with Islamic values.
To build a strong and dynamic institution to make a viable alternative to conventional system.
To provide quality products and services to the clients with sincerity, honesty and care.
To maximize clients' and shareholders' value with stable growth.
To apply Shariah principles and maintain the highest level of ethical standard and transparency in all business transactions.
To provide a congenial work atmosphere to create and attract competent work force.
To be socially responsible and make effective contribution to national development.
Our Values = SET RIGHT
S =Service
E =Efficiency
T =Teamwork
R =Responsibility
I =Integrity
G =Glory
H =Harmony
I =Integrity
T =Transparency
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Philosophy of IFIL
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